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Message history

The Message history widget is used to display a Live Chat history. By default, the live chat history appears only in the live chat window. However, the widget allows you to display the chat history on a client’s page, a session page, or in the associated apps.

начало внимание

The widget described will be active only on the forms containing the Account field in their context.

конец внимание

The “Show history” setting

This option determines whether the widget will display the entire chat history with a specific client or the chat history associated with some app item.


The “All” option

Enable this option if the widget should display the entire chat history with some client. Say you want all finished conversations overview on client’s page. Place the Message history widget on the page; In the Account field, select the client’s account whose history you want to display, and it’s done.


The “By app item” option

Enable this option if the widget should display the message history associated with a specific app item. We can place the widget either on a particular app form or on a form of an associated app. Depending on that, the App field options vary.  


  1. The Current Item option available only when the widget is located on a particular app form. In this case, the widget displays the live chat history only for the current app item.
  2. On the form of the associated app item. Let’s explain this option by giving the following example. Suppose you have a Sessions app where all the sessions with customers are stored. You also have the Warranty Claims app. The operator creates a new app item in the live chat when the customer reports a warranty case. The warranty claim form contains the Session field; It indicates the session during which the claim has occurred.

Let’s add the Message history widget on the warranty claim form and specify the Session app in the App setting.


Now, the Warranty Claim item page will display the history of the corresponding session.






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