Live chats

The Live Chats workspace is a universal chat center for communicating with your customers, partners, and employees. With live chats, you can process messages from ELMA365 users as well as connect popular instant messengers for external communication and set up an integration with your email inbox.

To start messaging, create and set up a live chat. The incoming messages in a live chat are handled by operators who are specified in the live chat settings.


For example, you can set up an HR live chat for your employees (who are ELMA365 users), where they can ask questions about vacations, compensations, sick leaves. They do not need to look for the employee who can answer their question, all they have to do is send  message to the live chat, and the operators will do the rest.

For your clients and partners, you can set up a customer service live chat, connect it to your corporate email or instant messengers: Telegram and WhatsApp. The clients will be able to communicate with you through the messenger they prefer, while your operators will receive all the messages in the ELMA365 interface. The chat history for every client will be stored in the system.

You can learn more about working with live chats in the following articles:

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