Live Chats

Live chat is a universal chat tool that provides an effective way to connect with your customers through automation of communication. Using live chats, you can handle messages from third-party messengers in  ELMA365. Moreover, live chats can be helpful in the organization of a company's support service. The user does not have to look for the responsible employee himself or herself. Ask a question in the chat, and the live chat operators will help solve the problem.


How to write to a live chat in ELMA365

To use a live chat, go to the Messages workspace and click the clip0058 icon in the search bar at the top of the page. Select the required live chat from the list of live chats. Communicate the way instant messengers users do: send text messages and attach files.

How to create a live chat

начало внимание

Only users who are members of the Administrators group can configure live chats.

конец внимание

In the left menu of the main page, go to the live chats workspace and click the +Add button. Fill in the fields:


Enter a live chat name.


Configure the Apps subsection:

Here you define which apps will store information about customers who have contacted the live chat.

  1. To bind account. This option allows you to link the live chat with the app, which will store the data about the customers who wrote to the live chat. At the same time, operators will be able to create app items and enter customer information into them without leaving the live chat. After this option is set, on each session page of the live chat, in the Customer Information panel, the Account block and the +Connect button will appear. Clicking on the button will open the form for creating an item of the selected app. You can select only the app that has a field of the Account type added to the form.
  2. To register messages. This option allows you to select apps that the operator can create when communicating with the client in the live chat. For example, in this way, you can register complaints, requests for technical support, etc. On the page of each session of the live chat, a button will appear in the upper right corner. By clicking on it, the operator will be able to create an item of the selected app. This option works together with the previous one. The operator will not be able to create the app until the customer account is added. Therefore, an app created from a chat must contain a field of the Account type.

Configure the Customers subsection:

Here you specify your internal customers, that is, ELMA365 users who will be able to use the live chat. For example, the internal technical support live chat will be available to everyone in the company, and the customer support live chat associated with WhatsApp will be available to none of the employees. Therefore, if you are setting up a live chat for external clients, you do not need to fill out this block.

  1. Internal. Specify internal ELMA365 users, groups, or organizational chart items.
  2. Operator's name. This setting will appear when you fill in the Internal field. There is a Show check box here. Once it is checked, the the name of the chat operator is visible to the user. Otherwise, the live chat name will be displayed.
  3. External sources. Messengers connected to the live chat are displayed here.


Configure the Employees subsection:

Here you define which of your employees will work with queries in this live chat and what will be the priority when distributing sessions.

  1.  Routing rules. This setting determines to which of the operators the new session will be assigned. By default, First Response rule is selected. To edit or customize a rule, click the Specify link or pensil icon. A window with settings will open. In the Rule field, you can select any of the available rules:
  • First Response. The chat will be assigned to the employee who will be the first to take it to work. To complete the rule settings, in the Operators field, specify one of the employee groups. The employees included in this group will work with queries in the live chat.
  • Assigned to. This rule is available only if you previously specified an app in the Apps subsection to link the account to. In the Assigned to field, select of User-type field from this app, for example, Author or Editor. The available fields depend on the context of the selected app. Such a field can be created in advance. The employee specified as the Assigned to will be assigned to a new session in the live chat.  Besides the responsible user, you must specify the operator group in the rule settings. If the responsible user is absent or locked, a session is assigned to operators using the First Response rule. 

2. Supervisors are employees who moderate the live chat. They have access to live chat settings and can assign incoming queries to specific operators. Select one of the existing groups.


How to connect a live chat to instant messengers

An ELMA365 chat is used, by default, for a live chat communication. You can also connect the live chat to certain instant messengers.
This is useful, for example, if you have a customized chatbot that will help users solve some of the issues without involving operators. You can also leave a link to the support channel on your website. Customers will use the instant messengers they are used to, while operators will be able to answer them directly from the ELMA365 chat. At the same time, the chat history for each client will be saved within the system.
For integartion with messengers ready-made extensions are used. Read more about this in the following articles:

The list of accounts linked to the live chat can be found in Administration > Extensions > Messengers: