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ChatDesk wizard

The Wizard helps create and set up new live chats that are used for communication in ChatDesk.

Until you have created at least one live chat, the Wizard will be displayed on the ChatDesk main page by default.


To learn more about adding and setting up live chats, see Creating a live chat. Also, you can place the ChatDesk Wizard on any page in ELMA365. Learn more in Widget builder for pages.


When you add the widget to a page, the system settings open.


The system settings are for managing access and availability of the widget, as well as for setting up styles. You can read more in System widget settings.

To complete setting up the widget, click Save, then click Finish editing. If you wish to edit the parameters of a widget that is already set up on the page, or to delete it, do the following:

  1. Open the page and click Edit page.
  2. Select the widget and click the gear icon or the recycle bin icon.
  3. To save the changes, click Finish editing.

A widget deleted from a page can be added again.

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