Connect a live chat to Telegram to let customers send text and voice messages, as well as files and images, using this instant messenger. Operators will reply directly from the ELMA365 interface, and the chat history for each client is saved in the system.

Upon receiving a message from a user in Telegram, a new session will be created in the Live Chats workspace. If the customer has previously interacted with the company, the prior session will be resumed, and the message will be displayed there. The operator can process the request by replying from the ELMA365 interface. The user will receive the response in the Telegram application.

An operator can initiate a session with a customer and message them in Telegram from the Live Chats workspace, provided the customer’s phone number is known. Read more in Initiate a session with an external user.

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Only users included in the Administrators group can configure live chats and connect them to messengers.

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You can connect several available instant messengers to one live chat. At the same time, each messenger account can be linked to one live chat.

To connect the Telegram messenger to a live chat:

  1. Go to Administration > Live Chats.
  2. Select a live chat from the list or create a new one by clicking the + Live Chat button in the upper right corner.
  3. Go to the Messengers tab and click the telegtam  button.
  4. In the window that opens, enter a name of the channel, for example, Support service. Then click the Connect button.
  5. Enter the phone number that the account is connected to and click Send.
  6. A confirmation code will be sent to the specified number. Enter it in the Confirmation code field.

After verification the Telegram account will be connected to the live chat.


To disconnect a live chat from Telegram, click the tele_toggle  button next to the chats name. Its status will change from Active to Disconnected. You can reconnect the Telegram account to the live chat by clicking this button once again.

If necessary, you can change the channel name by clicking the pencil icon, or delete it by clicking the recycle bin icon.

If the connection is interrupted, go to Administration > Live Chats and reconnect. After that, all messages received in the last 24 hours will be added to the live chat.

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