You can configure TelegramBot and connect live chats to it. Customers will contact you in the messenger, and receive responses created by ELMA365 or operators.

начало внимание

Only users included in the Administrators group can configure live chats and connect them to messengers.

конец внимание

You can connect several available instant messengers to one live chat, yet each messenger account can be linked to one live chat only.

To connect a TelegramBot to a live chat:

  1. Go to the Administration> Live Chats workspace.
  2. Select a live chat from the list or create a new one by clicking the + Live Chat button in the upper right corner.
  3. Go to the Messengers tab and click the telegtambot  button.
  4. In the opened window, enter a name of the channel and a secret token received when creating the bot in Telegram. Then click the Connect button.
  5. After verification, TelegramBot will be connected to the live chat.

To disconnect the live chat from the TelegramBot, click the tele_toggle button next to it's name. Its status will change from Active to Disconnected. Later you can reconnect to TelegramBot by clicking this button once again.

If necessary, you can change the channel's name by clicking the pencil icon, or delete it by clicking the recycle bin icon.

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