System settings / Notifications


Notifications inform users about new messages in the activity stream, chats, and channels. Moreover, notifications keep users updated about the latest changes in tasks, files, apps, etc.

General notification settings apply to all users in the company by default, but each employee can set their personal notification settings.

начало внимание

Only users included in the Administrators group can change general notification settings.

конец внимание

To change general notification settings, go to Administration Notifications and select one of the options:


  • All events. Users will see pop-up notifications about all new events in the #activity stream.
  • Personal events. Users will see notifications about personal messages and messages that @mention their name as well as notifications about tasks and events in the calendar.
  • Do not notify. Users won’t get pop-up notifications. Moreover, with this option, new tasks assigned to a user won’t open automatically.
  • Change mobile app settings. Enable this option to configure notification settings for mobile devices separately. For example, to enable only notifications about personal events on mobile phones.

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