System settings / Notifications


Notifications inform users about new messages in the activity stream, chats, and channels. In addition, notifications keep users updated about the latest changes in tasks, files, apps, etc.

The default notification settings apply to all users of the Company. However, each employee can set their personal notification settings.

начало внимание

Only users who are included in the Administrators group can change the default notification settings.

конец внимание

To change default notification settings, go to Administration > Notifications and select the option you need:


  • Notify on new messages. Users will receive pop-up notifications about all the updates in the Messages section.
  • Notify on messages with @mentions. Users will receive notifications if other users @mention their name in messages.
  • Do not notify. Select this option if you want to forbid any pop-up notifications.

Notification settings for mobile devices and for PC may vary. For example, it is possible to receive only @mention notifications on your mobile. To do so, select the option, and then choose the type of notifications in the drop-down list.

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