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Company settings

In the Company Settings section, you can edit the company name, select interface language and theme, set up date and name format, change the time zone and the email message template.

начало внимание

Only users included in the Administrators group have access to the Company Settings.

конец внимание

To open Company Settings, on the main page, in the left menu, select Administration > Company Settings. CS1

Company name

When you create a new Company on the ELMA365 website, you specify its name. Later you can edit the name in this section. Users will see the company name:

  • In the email with an invitation to the Company.
  • When logging in to ELMA365.

Interface language

As an administrator, you can choose the default interface language for all users. Note that employees can change their preferred interface language in personal account settings

Available languages are: English, Español, Deutsch. 

Date format

The date format in ELMA365 is driven via the interface language settings. If you need to change it, choose your date format from the dropdown box.

Time zone

By default, the system time zone is the same as the time zone that is set on the local computer of the user who created the company. In this section, you can change the time zone settings, if necessary.

The time zone is used to determine when a business process should start or a task is overdue.

Please note that users can set personal time zone settings that differ from the time zone settings of the company.

Full name format

You can control how user names appear in ELMA365. The options are First, Second, Last or Last, First, Second. For example: Bob Smith, or Smith Bob, whichever more closely mirrors the culture of your organization.


You can customize the interface color scheme for your company and replace the ELMA365 logo in the upper left corner with your own.

Click the Change button. In the opened window, you can upload a file with a logo and select a theme color.


If you need to restore the original settings, click the Reset button.

Email message template

When working with ELMA365, users receive different emails to the address specified during registration in the system. For example, invitations to the companypassword reset emails or confirmation codes for two-factor authentcation, etc.

The same template is used for all system emails. You can edit it if needed. To do this, click the Edit button. In the opened window, you can change the template in the HTML or plain text format.


The text template is used in email clients that do not support displaying HTML markup.

Make the necessary changes and save the settings.

Please note that the {{.Body}} value is filled by the service sending the letter and contains the main information. For example, a link with an invitation to the company or a confirmation code for 2FA .

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