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Search and filters in the CRM Workspace

Use the search field at the top of the page to quickly find a deal, lead, company or other app item of the CRM Workspace. The search is carried out by the name, as well as by the content of all additional app fields.


If you want to filter items by several parameters, click on the search_icon icon in the search field. In the window that opens, you can select several parameters, for example for deals they can be: the sales rep, the client or the deadline. Click the Search button. The results will display all items matching the specified criteria.

If you plan to use the same set of search parameters multiple times, you can save it as a filter.


Pre-configured filters

For deals and leads there are preconfigured search flters. They help you to quickly find items with a certain status, lost deals and unqualified leads in the certain pipeline, etc. To use a pre-configured filter:

  1. Go to the pipeline page.
  2. Click the search_icon icon in the search field.
  3. Choose a filter on the right panel of the opened window.
  4. Click Search button.

You can also filter all app items in the several added pipelines. To do this, go to the All Deals or All Leads page and apply the required filter as described above. The Active filter is additionally available for deals on this page, which shows all pending deals.


Pin a filter

To ensure that the items sorted by the specified parameters are always displayed on the page, you can pin  a preconfigured filter or a custom filter that you have created for this app.

To do this, hover the mouse over the filter name and click the pin-filter-icon icon. To unpin the filter, click the icon again.


Read more about the item search in the Search and filters article.

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