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Change deal status

When the status of a deal changes, the deal progresses from one stage of the pipeline to another. The status can be changed manually or automatically in the course of a business process.  It depends on the pipeline settings.

Change status manually

If manual status change is enabled, there are two ways for users to change a deal's status.

1. On the pipeline's page, drag the deal from one stage to another.


2. Click Change on the right panel of the deal page. Select the new status in the drop-down list. The deal will move to the corresponding stage of the pipeline.

Change status automatically

If automatic status change is enabled in pipeline settings the deal will automatically progress through pipeline stages when the users complete the tasks assigned to them in the course of a business process.

Close a deal

A deal is considered closed once it reaches a final status. There are two default final statuses: Won and Lost. You can change them in pipeline settings, if necessary.

To change a deal's status to final, open it's page and select either Won or Lost in the status list.

If the deal was lost, you will need to specify the reason for not making the sale. The list of such reasons can be modified in pipeline settings.

View closed deals

All the closed deals are hidden from the pipeline. If you need to view a closed deal, go to the pipeline that it used to belong to and click on the three dots icon in the search field on top of the page. On the right, select either Lost or Won filter.

All the closed deals will be displayed on the page. You can combine different filters for more precise search. Learn more about filters in Search and filters.

Reopen a deal

Be default, the status of a closed deal cannot be changed. However, if you need to reopen a closed deal, enable the Change status button.

Начало внимание

Only users included in the Administrators group can enable and disbale the Change status button. When this button is enabler or disabled, it applies to all the deals in all the pipelines.

Конец внимание

To enable the button, open a deal's page and click on the gear icon 6.png in the bottom left corner.

The symbol will appear to the right of the Edit button. Click on it and in the pop-up select the required button.

The button will appear on the form. How the users with sufficient access permissions will be able to reopen any closed deal by changing its final status to any other. You can read more about adding and setting up buttons in this article.

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