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Start a process from a live chat

When working in a live chat, you can run instances of business processes configured in the system. There are two ways to do it:

  • Manually. The operator can select a process and start it right from the session that is currently opened.
  • Automatically. A business process starts when a certain even takes place, for example, when a new message from a customer is received;

Processes helps operators work faster due to automation. For example, you can use a process to add and a new lead to the CRM workspace right when creating a session.  

Start a process from the session page

While talking to a client, you can start a process without closing the session's page. To do that, click +Actions on the right pane of the session window. Then select Start business process.


In the provided window, select the process that you want to run. You can choose between all the processes that belong to the company, workspaces, and apps. The process will start immediately. The operator needs to enter the values of process context variables manually, for example, on the form of the first process task.  

Starting processes manually is effective in cases when you receive a certain request from a client. The operator finds out all the details, starts the request handling process, and enters all the details on the task form.

Start a process automatically

In each live chat, you can set up a process to run automatically when:

  • you create a new session;
  • you receive a message from a client;
  • you close a session.  

начало внимание

Only users included in the Administrators group can set up processes in a live chat.

конец внимание

Set up a process to start automatically:

  1. Go to Administration > Live Chats.
  2. Select a live chat from the list or create a new one by clicking +Live Chat in the top right corner.
  3. Go to the Business Processes tab.
  4. Click Select next to the event.
  5. In the provided window, select a process. You can select between all the processes that belong to the company, workspaces, and apps.
  6. In the Input parameters column click Configure and match the properties of the Live Chats workspace with the variables of the selected process. When a process instance is launched, the data from the session is sent to the process context (such as the name of the live chat and customer's contact details). Please note that you can only match variables of the same type. For example, to pass the text of a message, use a String type variable in the process.

When you have completed the settings, the business process will run each time the selected event takes place.

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