Live chats / Write to live chats from messengers, by email, or in an online LiveChat

Write to live chats from messengers, by email, or in an online LiveChat

The Live Chats workspace helps streamline communication with your external users: partners and customers.

For this purpose live chats can be connected to instant messengers or an online LiveChat embedded in your website.

After the connection is set up, customers can contact you through their preferred messenger, such as WhatsApp or Telegram, or write messages in the online chat on your website. Operators will receive all the messages and reply to them in the ELMA365 interface, in the Live Chats workspace. The entire history of communications with a customer will be stored and displayed in a convenient way.


You can read more about how you can connect messengers, email inboxes, and the online chat to live chats in the following articles:

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