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Sign in to the portal


In order for a user to access the portal and its pages, the administrator has to invite them by sending an invite. The link leads to the registration page. If SAML integration is set up, there is no need to send the invite link, all you have to do is give the user a link to the portal page.


When the user opens the invite, they will see the registration page, which can be customized if needed. Note that registration is not required for users signing in via SAML. Such users are immediately taken to the sign-in window.


To complete registration, the user enters their email address and clicks Send verification code. The code is sent to the specified e-mail. Then the user enters the code, clicks Confirm, and fills out the fields in the provided Invitation to the Portal window.

In the Invitation to the Portal window, the user specifies their full name and creates a password.


If you do not want the user to confirm their email and instead go straight to filling out their name and password, select the Without contact data confirmation option when generating the invite link.

After clicking Save, the user sees the configured portal pages.

By default, external users only have access to portal pages and the data displayed on them. You can also configure individual user access to the workspace where the portal was created. In addition, you can completely block access to the portal for an external user if necessary.

page

If a user signs out of the portal, to sign back in, they need to follow the same invitation link and enter their email and password.

This is the same window that a user first sees if logging in via SAML.


You can customize the sign-in page as well as disable the password recovery option for users.

Customize the sign-in page

To change the design of the page, go to the ELMA365 workspace to which the portal belongs. Go to Portal and click on the gear icon next the page's heading. The portal settings will open featuring two tabs: Theme settings and Authentication.

начало внимание

Only users included in the Administrators group can change the theme and authentication settings.

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Theme settings

On the Theme settings tab you can set up your own design for the registration and sign-in pages.


You can:

  • upload a logo that will be shown on both pages.
  • add a message to the form.
  • edit the header on the sign-in page.
  • set a background color for both pages.
  • set a background image for both pages.

Below you can see an example of a customized sign-in page. We added a logo, changed the background color, added the "Company's External Portal" header and the "Welcome!" message.


Authentication tab

On the Authentication tab, you can:

  • Allow password recovery. If this options is enabled, users see the Restore password link on the sign-in form;
  • Allow sign-in with a login/password. If this option is disabled, authentication is completed via OAuth2.


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