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You can manage users in Administration > Users. Here you can invite users to your company, lock and unlock a user, assign job positions, add groups, and restore passwords.

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All the listed actions are applied to internal users and are available to Administrators only. External users of the portal are added and managed in System apps.

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The list the Users page shows employees with the Active, Invited, Account is locked, and Invite canceled statuses. To view the users locked manually and users with canceled invites, please use advanced search and specify the user's state in the Status field.

Also, you can see who is interacting with ELMA365 at the given moment. To do that, go to Administration > Active users.

Configure sending emails

Sending invitations to new users and password recovery emails is set by default in SaaS delivery, and is configured separately in On-Premises delivery. To configure it, perform the following actions:

Invite a new user

To add a new user to your company, send him or her an invite via email or phone number.

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To send invites to phone numbers, enable advanced authentication options.

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To do this, go to Administration > Users and in the upper right corner click on the + User button.


The User Invite form opens.


Fill out the fields:

  • Email address*. Specify the email address to which the invitation should be sent. It is unique for each user. If there is already a user with the specified address in the system, you cannot send an invitation. If you have enabled authentication by phone number, it is not necessary to fill in this field.
  • Full name. Specify the full name of the person.
  • Mobile phone. Specify the employee’s mobile phone number. If you have authentication by phone number enabled, the invitation to the company will be sent to the specified number. Please note, that if you fill in the Email field, the invitation will be sent to the user’s email address instead of the phone..
  • Work phone. Enter the employee’s work phone number.The additional number is indicated with a separator, e.g. after add.
  • Date of birth. Enter the date of birth of the employee.
  • Hire date*. Specify the day when the employee is hired.
  • Time zone. The default time zone of the company is set.
  • Displayed position. If a user has several positions, specify which one will be shown in their profile and users lists in the Company workspace.
  • Position. Select one or more positions from the organizational chart of the company.
  • Groups. Add the employee to user groups.
  • Photo. Upload the employee's photo.
  • Accounts. Select a messenger or social network from the list and enter employee credentials. You can add multiple accounts.
  • Additional data. You can fill this field manually, by script or via import from AD/LDAP

After all the data is entered, click on the Send Invite button. A message will be sent to the specified email or phone number, and the name of the employee will appear in the Users list with the Invited status.

When the user accepts the invitation and is authorized in the system, their status will change to Active. Us3

Resend invite

If necessary, you can resend the invite. To do this, open the user profile and click the Resend Invite button.


Cancel invite

If necessary, you can cancel the invite. To do this, open the user profile and click on the Cancel Invite button.


Accept invite

Once the user accepts the invite, they have to fill out a form specifying the basic data for their account.


After doing that and clicking Next, they will log in to ELMA365 and may start working in the system right away.

Users can also be imported from another corporate system, for example, from Active Directory/LDAP. For more details, see the Import internal users from AD/LDAP article.

Forbid and allow access to the system

You can manually forbid a user to access the system by locking their account, for example, when their employment contract is over. Also, access can be restricted automatically if the user has entered an invalid password several times in a row. This option is enabled on the Security Settings page.

Let's take a closer look at how access is restricted and restored.

Lock a user manually

To limit a person's access to corporate information, lock their account. To do this, select the employee you want to lock and click the Lock button in their profile.

Once this is done, the employee's status will change to Locked and they will not be able to sign in to the system.


If a user has unfinished tasks, you will see a list of these tasks when the account is locked. It is recommended to reassign or complete active tasks before proceeding. Click on a task name to navigate to it and perform the necessary actions.


To lock the user without closing tasks, click Continue anyway.

The user’s status will change to Locked. He will not be able to authorize in the system.

Please note, that only active users can be locked. The locked user will no longer be displayed in the general list of users.

Unlock a user

If you need to restore access to the system, find the locked user via search.


Open their profile and click Unlock.


The user will reappear in the list of active users and will be able to log in to the system using their credentials.


Automatic lockout

If you have set up login requirements on the Security Settings page, a user may get locked out automatically after entering an invalid password several times in a row. In this case, their status will remain Active, however, the Account is locked label will appear on the right panel of the user's page, in the Password policy section.

To restore access, go to the employee's profile and click on the Account is locked label.


After you confirm the action, the user will be able to log in again.

Recover password

If a user forgets the password or cannot log in to the system, use password recovery.

Open the user's profile and click Recover password. A password recovery link will be sent to the specified email address.


A password recovery link will be sent to the specified email address.

By clicking on the link, the user will be able to enter a new password and save it.

Edit user profile

If you need to add or edit the employee's information, for example, change the job position, go to their profile and click Edit.


Make all the necessary changes and then click Save.

Please note that the Email address field is editable only in ELMA365 On-Premises.

Find a user

You can search for a user by full name, email address, or login. To do this, start typing a word in the search bar and press Enter.

To use other search options, click on the clip0228  icon. For example, you can search for a user by their position in the organizational chart or the group they are a member of.


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