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How is the CRM workspace organized?

The CRM workspace helps you streamline the customer relationship processes in a way that drives business success. You can track deal progress, assign the person responsible for each deal, control and monitor activities of the sales reps. Plus, the workspace stores all important information about your customers, contacts, deals, and incomes.


All your deals are stored in the Deals app, where they are shown as a Kanban board. On the board, the deals are grouped by statuses/stages. This is called a pipeline. Each deal is processed through the stages of your pipeline until it is either won or lost. So you can easily track your opportunities from the very first contact to closed contract.

The key information about the deal is displayed on the deal's page. You can click on the deal's name to see the assigned sales rep, the customer's info, order details, stage, deal history, activities, comments and so on.

You will find complete information on working with deals in the following articles:


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This app is your customer database. A company's page displays all the people from that company that you have worked with, as well as all the deals that you have had with this customer. A company's page can be easily customized to fit your requirements.

You can learn more about working with this app in the Companies article.


Contacts are people who represent you customers that you work with while fulfilling a deal. A contact can be tied to a specific company and deal. A contact's page displays information about the person's job, phone number and e-mail address.

You can learn more in the Contacts article.


Reports offer deal forecast and analytics.

  • The revenue forecast report shows the deal amount of all your company's active deals;
  • The deal dynamics report shows the current state of your deals in a certain pipeline. You can track the number of deals on each stage of the pipeline, and view deals that have progressed from one stage to another or have been closed as successful/unsuccessful over a specific period .

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