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Update a solution

This feature allows you to add changes to the solution that is already installed in the system.


How to update a solution

Click the wrench button in the left menu on the main page.


The Workspaces and Solutions settings window opens. Go to the Solutions tab, click the Administration button next to a solution name, and select Update.


Select a file on your PC or one of the ELMA365 files. Note that only .e365 files are supported.


The system will check the solution for conflicts, and if they exist, will show a list of them.


If you ignore the conflicts and continue the update, the uploaded file content will overwrite the existing one.


For example, the old version of the solution includes the Contracts workspace. In the new version, it was deleted and replaced with Incoming documents. Now, during the update, the Contracts workspace will also be removed from the system.


If you do not want to make these changes, cancel the update.

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