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Get Started Widget


This widget is installed on the ELMA365 home page by default. It allows users to quickly look through the basic features of the system and start working.


The widget consists of the following blocks:


If you click on Get started with ELMA365, you will be redirected to the ELMA365 Help center. There you can find all necessary information about the system.

If you click on the Add new users tile, you will see a window for inviting a new user.


By filling out the form, you can send them an invite.

By clicking the Add Workspace tile, you will be able to immediately download the ready-to-use workplace from ELMA365 Store or create a new one.


After selecting the Tech support chat tile, you will be forwarded to the system page where you can contact ELMA365 technical support and ask your question about the system.


At the bottom of the widget, you will see workspaces and apps used in your company. If necessary, you can quickly go to the app page or add a new business process.


How to delete the widget

To remove the Get Started widget, click on the gear icon in the upper right corner of the page and select Delete widget.


Once it is done you can add any of the available widgets to the main page. Read more about this in the Help Center article Setting up interfaces.

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