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Create or delete a lead

ELMA365 allows you to create leads manually, add them automatically using web forms and APIs, or import them from .xlsx or .csv files. These options are described below.

Create a lead manually

You can add a lead manually in one of the following ways:


  1. Go to CRM > Leads. In the top right corner of the page, click the +Lead button.


  1. Open a company’s create, view, or edit page and click the + icon or the +Create button opposite the Leads field. The new lead will be automatically linked to this company.


  1. On a create, edit, or view page of a contact click the + icon or the +Create button opposite the Leads field. The lead you create in this way will be linked to the corresponding item of the Contacts app.


When you create a new lead, the only required field is Name. By default, the user who creates the lead is specified in the Assigned to field. You can change or delete the user in this field.

The other fields can be specified later on the lead’s page.


Create a lead using APIs

You can use APIs to create new items of the Leads app and add them to a specific pipeline. The request parameters can be found in the Create app item article. Read more about Web API features in the Introduction to Web API article.

Create a lead using a web form

You can create a web form and add them to your website. After a client fills out the form, a new lead will be created in the CRM workspace based on the data he or she entered.

In the web form settings, you can specify a pipeline to which the newly created lead needs to be added. Read more about web form settings in the Web forms article.


Import leads from a file

You can quickly add a large amount of data to ELMA365 apps by importing it from .xlsx or .csv files. For example, you can import an existing lead database from one company to another.

To start import, go to CRM > Leads. In the upper right corner, click the three-vert-dots-icon icon and select Data Import.


In the window that opens, select an .xlsx or a .csv file from your PC or from files uploaded to the system (click the three dots icon on the right to use the second option). Click Import.

Read more about uploading data to the system in the Data import article.

Delete a lead

To delete a lead, you need to add the Delete button to the lead’s page.

начало внимание

Only users included in the Administrators group can add buttons to the lead’s page.

конец внимание

Open the view page of the lead and click the Gear-icon icon in the bottom left corner of the page. The plus workspace button icon will appear next to the default buttons. Click the icon and select Add the “Delete” button.


The button will be added to the page. Only users having the permission to delete app items will be able to use this button.


Read more about adding buttons to pages in the Customizing Pages of App Items article.


View previously deleted leads

The leads you’ve deleted are not visible in the pipeline. To view them, open the necessary pipeline; in the search bar at the top of the page, click the Pipeline_icon icon. In the top right corner of the window that appears, click Removed.


The page with a list of removed leads will open.

To see all deleted leads as a list, change the view to Table:


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