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Lead page

A lead’s page stores all the important information about a lead: the company name and contact person, current tasks, statuses, etc. You can customize this page as you wish by, for example, adding or deleting fields and making them required.



Activity stream

The activity stream is displayed on the left-hand side of the lead's page. Here you can leave a comment, attach a file or track the history of work on the lead.


Lead activities

To the right of the activity stream, you can see all the current and completed activities. To schedule a new activity, click the +Task button and select the type of activity you need from the drop-down list. The available activity types are Call, Meeting, Webinar, Letter, or Task.


Read more about working with activities in the CRM Activities article.


Lead details


Above the activity stream and activities, as well as on the right panel all the basic information about the lead is displayed. To add or to edit it, click Edit.


You can specify:


The lead’s page also displays the Qualification type field. Once the lead is qualified, the qualification method will be displayed in this field. It can be:

  • creating a new deal and company
  • creating only a company


Find out more in the Lead Status article.

Moreover, you can customize the page by adding or deleting the fields according to your needs. We have described the details of how this can be done further down below.


Lead pipeline

On the right–hand panel you can see the pipeline the lead belongs to. To move the lead to another pipeline, click Change. After that, the lead status will change to New.


Read more about it in the Lead pipelines article.


Lead statuses

The right panel displays the current status of the lead. To change the status, click Change.


The default lead statuses are:


  • New. This is a status of a newly added lead having no sales rep assigned.
  • Processing. Work with a lead is in progress, a sales rep is nurturing the lead.
  • Qualified. Assign this status if the client is ready to make a deal. You can create a new deal or a new company.
  • Unqualified. Assign this status, if the lead lost interest.


For more information on working with statuses, read the Lead Status article.


Assign a sales rep to a lead

To begin work on a lead you need to assign a sales rep to it. To do that, use the Start work and Assign buttons on the right panel of the lead’s page.


  • Start work. The employee who clicks this button is automatically assigned to the lead.
  • Assign. By clicking this button, you can select a user from a drop-down list and assign him or her to the lead.


After the sales rep is specified, the lead status changes from New to Processing.


Marketing tab


On the Marketing tab you can specify the Lead source and Marketing Activities for a specific customer. Using the information on this tab, you can identify the source that most leads came from and analyze your marketing team's effectiveness.


Read more about the Marketing activities and Lead Sources apps in the Standard Objects article.


Customize lead page

You can customize lead's page according to your needs. For example, you can re-arrange, add or delete page fields, mark them as required, or read-only.

начало внимание

Only users included in the Administrators group can customize the Lead app form.

конец внимание

To edit the page, click the Gear-icon icon next to the Lead app and select Form Settings in the menu that opens.


You will see a window with the complete list of fields used on the page.




Switch through the tabs of the window to customize the edit, create, view forms. Read more about working with forms in the Configuring Forms in Advanced Mode article.


These settings will be applied to all lead pages in all the pipelines.

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