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Set up the Projects workspace

The settings in the Projects workspace are similar to those of any workspace. You can:

To learn more about the common workspace settings, see Workspace.

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Only users included in the Administrators group can manage workspace settings.

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Set up the built-in apps

The built-in project apps store all the company’s projects, project plans, and task as app items. By default, these apps are hidden, but you can show them if needed. The built-in apps include:

  • Projects. This app stores all the projects created on the Projects page.
  • Project Plan. This app stores all the versions of created project plans. The system Project plan approval process is linked with it.
  • Project Plan Element. This app stores assignments of all types added to project plans.
  • Project Task. In this app, assignments of the Task and Milestone types are created and stored after a project plan is published.
  • Project Stages. This directory stores project stages as app items. The Draft, In progress, and Archived stages are added by default. You can add other project stages and change them in the settings of business processes.


Each app has standard settings: you can edit project and project task forms, manage access to data, create business processes, add activity buttons, set up statuses, etc.

Customize forms in built-in apps

You can customize the forms of built-in apps for a better user experience in projects. Project participants see the forms when they open a project’s page or a project-related task.

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Once you have customized and published an app form, it will no longer be automatically updated whenever a new release of the system comes out. Any new widgets that may appear in the future will have to be added manually.

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appear in the future will have to be added manually.

To customize a form, click on the gear icon next to the name of the app and select Form Settings.

Add a new field to a form

You can create new properties in apps and add them as fields to create, view, and edit forms. Let’s say you are developing a project for another company. In the Projects app, you can create the Client field and add it to the forms. You will then be able to use this field in the project. Please note that the default fields in apps cannot be deleted.

Here’s another example: you need to edit the form of a Task or Milestone assignment type. To do that, make changes in two apps: Project Plan Element and Project Task. These apps use the same form templates because project tasks are created automatically based on data from the Project Plan Element app. Note that in the  context of both apps, the Property name and Type of the new fields must match.

Add a widget to a form

Not only can you add fields to a form, you can also edit the template itself, for instance, add widgets and move them around. Let’s say you have created a new process called Approve project plan. You can add the Button widget to the view form of the Projects app so that users can click it to start the process.

To edit a form template, open Form Settings and go to the tab that represents the form that you want to modify: creation, view, or editing form. Click on the Default link, and then on the Create Form button. The interface designer opens.

By default, the following Projects workspace widgets are used on the app forms:

  • Select Business Process for Project Plan Element.
  • Start Process Task from Project Plan Element.
  • Project Activity Stream.
  • My Project Tasks.
  • About the Project.
  • Project Folder.
  • Project Plan.
  • Template Projects.

In the interface designer, you can delete widgets from forms and add new ones.

Set up the Projects page and My Recent Projects

The Projects page has all the standard page settings. You can customize the page by adding new widgets and quick action buttons, manage access, change its name, and so on. To open the page’s settings, click on the gear icon next to its name.

You can also customize the My Recent Projects separator by clicking the gear icon next to its name: manage its access settings, change its name, or delete it.

Set up statuses in apps

Use the preset statuses to monitor project tasks and project plan versions.

You can also add custom statuses, allow or forbid users to change them manually, track the status change history, etc. To learn more, see Status field.

To learn more about project plan statuses, see Project plan.

Set up project task statuses

To track assignments of the Task or Milestone type on the assignment’s page, enable statuses in app settings:

  1. Click Set Up in the left menu of the workspace and make the hidden Project Task app visible.
  2. To the left of the app’s name, click on the gear icon and select Status Field.

Check the Add Status field box to see the list of preset statuses. You can edit the statuses, change their order, and add new ones.

Set up business processes

You can set up a business process in any of the built-in apps in the workspace. This allows you to apply the workflows that your company uses.

For example, you can use a ready-made process for project plan approval or create a custom process in the Project Plan app. Read more in the Configure plan approval article.

It is only possible to archive finished projects if you configured an archiving business process. Create the process and associate it with the Projects app. Read more in the Archive a project article.

Note that you shouldn’t simply delete a finished project from the Projects app. The project plan status will stay the same, all assignments will also remain active, and their statuses won’t change. This is because project plans and assignments are items of other apps.

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