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Creating and deleting a deal

In ELMA365 you can create deals manually or automatically with web-forms and API. Each of these cases is described below.

Creating a deal manually

To add a deal manually:

  1. Open the Deals app, select a pipeline and click +Deal in the top right corner. When creating a deal this way, you can link the deal to a contact person immediately. To do that, click +Create in the provided window. Then specify the conact's position, phone number, email, Skype account, etc.


  1. Open a company's create, view or edit page and click +Deal. The new deal will be automatically linked to this company.


  1. Open a contact's create, view or edit page and click +Deal. The new deal will be automatically linked to this contact.

When you are adding a new deal, you only have to enter the name of the customer's company. The rest of the information can be filled in later on the deal's page.

Creating a deal using API

Each deal is an item of the Deals app. Using API you can add new items into a certain pipeline. You can find the request parameters in this article this article. You can read more about Web API here here.

Creating a deal using a web-form

In ELMA365, you can set up your own web-forms from scratch and place them on any page of your website. After a visitor fills in the form, the system automatically sends the information into the CRM workspace and creates a new deal. You can learn more about creating web-forms in the web-forms article.

Deleting a deal

To be able to delete a deal, add the Delete button to the deal's page.

Please note that only users included in the Administrators group can add buttons to deal pages.

Open a deal's view page and click on the gear icon in the bottom left corner .

The   symbol will appear next to the Edit button Click on it and then select the new button type in the pop-up.

After that the Delete button will appear on the form. Now the users with respective permissions will be able to delete deals. The button will de added to all the deals in all the pipeline. You can read more about button settings in the Customizing Pages of App Items article.

Viewing deleted deals

All deleted deals are hidden from the pipeline. If you need to view a deleted deal, go to its pipeline and click on the three period symbol in the search field on top of the page. Then click on the Deleted link that will appear in the top right corner.

Do not forget to change the layout to tiles or table. To do that, click on the switch to the left of the Create button All the deleted deals will then be displayed on the page.


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