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Project plan

The project plan is represented as a Gantt Chart shown on a project’s page. It consists of tasks of different types placed in a certain order and have assigned executors and deadlines.

On the left, you can see the list of all project tasks. On the right, each task is represented by a colored bar. The color depends on the task’s type and deadline. When a task is completed, it is crossed out, the Ready indicator is shown on its bar, and the bar’s color changes to a darker shade.

Under the diagram, you can see the project’s name, the current plan version number, the date the plan was created, and its status.


Work with a project plan

Preparing the project plan and working with it during project implementation consists of the following steps:

  1. Add tasks to the chart, defining their types.
  2. Link the plan tasks to set up the order of their execution.
  3. Save the plan as Draft.
  4. If you are using a project template, check the deadlines and executors of the tasks, since they are copied from the template. Make changes if necessary.
  5. If plan approval is set up for the project, send the finished draft for approval.
  6. Publish the project plan. The assignments of Task and Milestone types will be assigned to users.
  7. Monitor the project plan to check the progress.
  8. Add new tasks to the plan. You can create new versions of the plan and compare them with the old ones.
  9. When the project is finished, archive it. Note that you can always restore an archived project and resume working on it.

Project plan statuses

The following statuses are available for a project plan:

  • Draft. A new or edited version of the plan that has been saved but hasn’t been approved or published. This status is also assigned to projects restored from the archive. There can be several drafts of a plan at the same time.
  • Pending approval. A version of the plan sent for approval. This status changes after the approver makes a decision.
  • Approved. An approved version of the plan that hasn’t been published.

On the plan diagram, you can see the name of the approver next to the Pending approval and Approved statuses.

  • Current. The published version of the plan. Only one version can be current.
  • Archived. The current version is assigned this status when another version is published or when the project is archived.

These are the default statuses. They cannot be deleted, and their codes cannot be changed. However, the administrator can create additional statuses.

The statuses of all the versions of the plan are displayed on the project page, in the About the Project widget. It shows:

  • Current plan.
  • Drafts. All versions assigned the Draft, Pending approval, and Approved statuses.
  • Archive. All plan versions that have ever been created for the project.


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