ELMA365 Low-code Platform was presented in an international B2B webinar Confident Business Decisions with Low-Code Platforms

“Why more and more companies every year choose low-code?” This was the main question of the webinar. Experts from SAP SE, Thinkwise, Synerise, and ELMA presented their low-code solutions and attempted to explain why low-code will be a crucial technology in the near future. The webinar was organized by the SIBB e.V. (Digital Business Association Berlin-Brandenburg).

The topic of Aleksei’s talk was “How your own team can automate business processes without coding”. He spoke about the key benefits of ELMA365 and the results of its implementation.

“The system’s interface is intuitive and easy-to-use, so it doesn’t require extended learning and professional education. The low-code platform helps businesses and IT to communicate effectively. With our platform, changes can be implemented in a matter of weeks or even days. Our competitors who use outdated approaches need months at best. Fast changes in business processes help companies to be flexible, quickly respond to changes in the market and adapt to new customer needs,” Aleksei says, emphasizing the significance of low-code in today’s world.

The recording of the webinar is available here

With low-code, you can:

- Easily learn to create and edit processes using an intuitive interface.

- Save time usually spent on coding and testing.

- Lower costs by reducing the number of tasks done by programmers.


You can find out how ELMA365 helped different companies to break new ground in this e-book:


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