ELMA365 CRM featured in the High Performer quadrant in the G2 Report

ELMA365 CRM featured in the High Performer quadrant in the G2 Report

ELMA365 CRM has received praise from independent experts and customers alike, appearing in the spring report issued by G2, the world’s largest tech marketplace.

More than 3,000 customers used ELMA365 CRM to manage communication with clients throughout the lead nurturing and sales processes. The software has been ranked as a High Performer, which indicates a high degree of customer satisfaction. Users commented on the platform’s convenience and ease of use: the low-code designer makes it easy to set up the lead form and pipelines. The platform has also been recognized for its flexibility and intuitive interface.

The ELMA365 low-code platform has also firmly established itself as a High Performer in the Best Business Process Management Software category. On top of that, it is a Niche player in the No-code and RAD (Rapid Application Development) categories.

We greatly appreciate all feedback from our customers and partners. Together we change ELMA365 for the better, offering only the best digital transformation tools that allow you to reach your business goals and find unexpected business opportunities.

G2 is a prominent online platform that contains over 1.2 million independent product reviews. It is visited by more than 5 million users every month. Based on customer feedback and information available on the Internet, G2 rates software products using two main parameters: customer satisfaction and market presence.

The ELMA365 platform is a unique combination of BPM, CRM, ECM, and RPA that you can easily try out right now. ELMA365 will help you develop unique business ideas, optimize your company’s performance, and streamline your business processes.