ChatDesk (OmniChannel)

All communication
channels in a
single message inbox

ELMA ChatDesk is a platform for managing communication across multiple channels for an exceptional customer experience

Omnichannel platform

All communications are easily managed in one place. Customers contact with you through any channel they like while your agents receive the messages in one unified inbox. Incoming messages can be classified by subject and routed to the team who can help the customer best.

Omnichannel platform
  • Flexible role-based access

    Monitor chat sessions and provide access to live chats using groups and roles. Supervisors can instantly assign a customer enquiry to the right agent.

  • Be available whenever your
    customer needs you

    The interface allows you to chat with the customer on the customer’s page, ticket or any related app. Send automatic notifications to your customer’s preferred messenger directly from a business process.

Optimize email communication

Set up a unified inbox for your emails so that your agents receive the messages from all the channels in the same window. They can reply to the emails straight away without switching tabs, and the entire history of communication is conveniently saved. You can automatically convert the incoming emails into tickets using the ChatDesk interface.

Optimize email communication

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Reporting and analytics

  • Increase communication efficiency

    Get an instant overview of your ChatDesk performance with prebuilt reports. You can monitor the productivity of separate live chats, find bottlenecks in your customer service operations, and act on them right away.

  • Monitor customer enquiries

    Customizable diagrams show you how the workload is being handled: how many requests are being processed at the moment, what are the most common issues, and which customers contact you the most.

  • Metrics to control team efficiency

    Monitor response and resolution time, and other SLA metrics to evaluate the quality of work done by your support team.

Contact Center solution

With our prebuilt CRM solution, you have control over all communication with your customers including
voice calls via IP telephony. Identify the customer by their phone number, review the history of
communication during the call, and monitor the quality of conversations with call recordings.

Contact Center solution

Customer’s profile

  • Gather all customer data in one place

    The history of all your interactions with the customer is stored on one page. You can group the data by subject or by communication channel to better understand the customer's business needs.

  • Personalize customer experience

    Fill out customer profiles, and classify their characteristics and activity to provide personalized offers for an outstanding customer experience.

Customer’s profile

  • Create a communication environment for your customers and engage them in your internal processes

    Set up one or several pages that will be available both to your team and to the external users.

    Use preset widgets and portal templates, or create your own with our intuitive built-in editor.

  • Preset chat for external portal

    Incorporate live chat interface into your customer portal, and customize it for your needs. Set up auto replies to stay connected with the customers even when the queue is large. Store all the history in a single window.

Easy ticket management

Use preset forms and workflows for managing customer enquiries. Prioritize and route your tickets effortlessly, and track progress on each one of them.

Contact Center solution

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