Support your customers and employees
via messaging apps

All-in-one chat: combine messaging apps in a single system

Keep messages under control

Manage unanswered requests, average response time, etc.

Advisory services for potential

ELMA365 offers a universal chat center that helps automate the process of handling requests from prospective customers. Connect ELMA365 with messaging apps and streamline the process of handling requests. ELMA365 can be seamlessly integrated with Telegram, WhatsApp, and other popular messaging platforms. Chat history is shown on customers’ profile pages in the system. If a customer requests any services, the employee can view the history of interactions with this customer.

Advisory services for potential customers

Customer support

With ELMA365 employees don’t need to look for the responsible person every time a problem arises. In the system you can create support live chats on different topics: accounting, HR, administrative supply department, IT, etc. Communication within the company can be organized through messaging apps or ELMA365 live chats. The system automatically sends requests to responsible employees, taking into account their leave days or days off.

Customer support
Setting up multiple Live Chats

Setting up multiple Live Chats

By setting up chats in ELMA365 you can bring the business closer to the customer, as well as automate routing of internal requests and save the time of your employees. ELMA365 can be connected with various messaging apps which can be used for different purposes. Use chats as a tool for organizing your Help Desk. You can configure the platform in a manner that the support chat is available for all the company’s staff. At the same time, the customer support chat will be visible only to a customer care team.