Compliance management solution

Compliance management solution

Use the power of Low-code to automate your compliance processes. Apply any standards, regulations without wasting effort on custom enterprise application development.

The Low-code platform developed with love to your compliance managers, customers and IT department

  • Automate your compliance processes in 1-3 months
  • Gain visibility, transparency and efficiency of your compliance workflows
  • Automate manual and routine tasks
  • Engage the customer into your workflows: create automated document requests via web forms and customer portal
  • Organize the work the way you like with low-code tools and easily make changes when you need
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Empower your business users to make
changes when the regulations are renewed

With ELMA365 low-code platform you can automate any compliance related processes and tasks. Depending on your industry, standards and regulations you can develop a compliance management workspace that fits your requirements in a few months.

Using no-code tools business users can apply changes in the workflow without help from the IT department when the regulations are renewed. Start development from scratch or use the pre-built solution and scale it.

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  • What you can do with ELMA365

  • Securely onboard the customers

    Get all customer-related data in a single interface. Manage the risk scoring, check customer activities and all related documents and their versions.

  • Run document audits and send document requests

    Start your audit workflow based on timer or recent customer’s activity. Create document requests using custom forms based on your particular needs.

  • Create secure customer portal for compliance requests

    Provide your customers with a secure environment for uploading documents and required information.

  • Avoid mistakes providing your customers with auto generated document templates

    Create document templates and fill them in with your CRM data. Send pre-created documents to your customers for signing.

  • Sign documents with electronic signature within the workflow

    Add integration to any digital signature tool and use it right within the workflow.

  • Easily apply regulations or standard changes without help of IT department

    Use no-code tools like drag-and-drop to make changes in forms, workflows and interfaces. Add more reusable blocks for your business users using low-code tools.

  • Customize the internal and external solution to increase your customers and employees engagement

    Easily design interface for internal and external users: add background colors, logos, icons and buttons based on your company design code.

Enjoy benefits of all-in-one low-code platform

  • Low-code and No-code tools

    allow someone to be flexible and scale your business

  • Process monitoring

    tracks online document statuses

  • Smart Document

    keeps everything in proper order

  • External portal

    makes your customers engaged in compliance processes

  • CRM

    attaches requested documents to Contractors or Companies

  • Open API for integrations

    let the platform bridge the Data from different software and sign with an electronic signature

  • Workflow designer

    provides you with a set of prebuilt activity blocks, widgets for simple drag-and-drop

  • Chats and activity streams

    connect your employees within the process and the task

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We will support you at any step with qualified BPM experts, project managers, low-code tutors, and developers.

*The implementation project duration depends on the scope of work and may vary in different projects. One month is an average time for implementation of one process

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