Tools for building sales processes. Leads processing, order handling and customer service automation.

Combining the CRM and the process approach, ELMA365 allows flexibility in managing of sales and building effective interaction along the whole cycle of the deal.

Know everything about the client

When the market is limited and there are permanent players in it, the growth of the company’s revenue directly depends
on the completeness of the information available about the customer and the ability to take as much market share as possible.
For a task like this it is important to not only incorporate the CRM into the current
IT infrastructure, but build a complete system for sales and customer service.

Processing of leads

Organizing sales and service

ELMA365 introduces a holistic approach to customer relationships management and sales.
The whole process is organised and managed from the lead acquisition to closed deal,
as well as processing of documentation and post-sale service.

Sales business processes

The success of the sale depends not only on the manager, but also on the departments related,
that prepare technical documentation and purchase equipment.

Business processes provide clear communication and ensure that work in other departments is done efficiently and on time. The system requests the necessary information from the manager, transfers it to the appropriate department, and assigns tasks to all executives. Control tools prevent from overdue tasks and ensure timely results.

The graphic designer of business processes in ELMA365 is based on BPMN 2.0 and allows the analyst to set up processes so that the manager has all the necessary tools to interact with other departments.

IP telephony (omnichannel)

In ELMA365 you can make calls directly from its interface.

When a call comes in, the system itself will find the client in the database and open their profile so that the manager can see the necessary information from the very beginning of the conversation, without wasting time searching for it.

Each call with a client is recorded and you can always listen to the result. This also allows controlling the quality of interaction with the client.

CRM adaptation
with low-code

For a better customer experience, a CRM system should reflect the nature of your business. ELMA365 allows you to customize CRM for your needs and creates a unique sales system.

With built-in low-code tools, it is easy to adapt a customer profile to your business, add the required fields and change their parameters, set up related objects and a set of business processes to ensure sales.

Document flow

ELMA365 connects CRM with electronic document management. You can quickly draft a contract using a template and send it for approval within the system. A set of related business processes will allow you to control the execution of each stage of the contract and track the receipt of closing documents.

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