Electronic Document Flow

Classic set of tools for document flow management in the company. ELMA365 helps organise electronic office and ensures safe data storage. Exchange of legal files with the contractors is also included. Document routes are automated through end-to-end business processes.

ELMA365 speeds up the process for contract approvals and financial document processing including the incoming invoices. Internal processes of the company are optimized by a well thought out system of office notes.

The system of task assignments and tools to monitor the performance helps increase the quality of management within the company. Taking measured management decisions becomes faster and easier.

Legitimate electronic signatures allow you to dispense with keeping hard copies. Together with the systems providing legal document flow, this will help create a completely paperless document flow within the company as well as with the external contractors.

ELMA365 offers integrated AI software robots from Intellect Lab. They take over routine tasks as well as perform jobs where it is difficult for a human being to track errors, for example, data copy and input, data processing, documents checks.

Digital Office

The digital office helps organise accounting and keep track of documents within the company.

Электронная канцелярия

In order to follow the procedures of the office work, ELMA365 offers the function of registration, automatic number assignment, direct numbering and number reservation.

  • All registered documents are unified into a single registry.
  • Granular access and convenient search tools help employees quickly find files they need, even if the branches of your company are spread across the country.

Financial documents

In ELMA365 it is easy to automate work with financial documents. Routes for approvals of the incoming invoices prevent files loss and lower the risks of late payments. Stages of consideration become clear and easy to track and monitor.

Approval routes take less time. As soon as the system receives an invoice from the contractor, ELMA365 determines the responsible for the approval and sets them a task. Deadlines for consideration are strictly defined, in case of any delay you can trace on which stage the difficulties have occurred.

If the regulations within the company changed, the tool easily adapts to this. The routes can be easily adjusted in just a couple of clicks: adapt them to the updated structure, change the order of the approvals, terms and deadlines.

Финансовые документы
Incoming contracts

Incoming contracts

When working with the incoming contracts, ELMA365 provides timely execution of tasks according to the requirements as well as their control.

The system allows transfer of the approval process into digital. Documents that need to be considered automatically come to the responsible person, taking into account the schedule of absences and replacements of the employees. As the tasks have got fixed deadlines, the executives cannot delay processing of the assigned task. If refused, all discrepancies get fixed in the system.

Approval can be parallel as well as consequent. This depends on the regulations of your company.

Outgoing contracts

Outgoing contracts are generated according to the ready-made templates. The system will automatically set all necessary details from the apps.

Set numeration makes the contracts accounting and their registration simple, and the risk of losing them is reduced to minimum due to the unified storage of files.

Procedure of agreement is automated by end-to-end process. In case of refusal the outgoing document can be quickly edited: upload new version, make corrections in the editing mode, or add notes to the clauses of the contract.

Contract file shows all the related documents - additional agreements, invoices, etc. You can access any of these documents straight from the file, check their status, see available versions, print, etc.

Outgoing contracts

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Office notes

In ELMA365 office notes can be created in just a few seconds and sent to the addressees straight away. Employees do not need to wander around the office with any papers, if they want to approve a day-off. Enough just to fill in the request online. It is possible to do it even from their phone. The system itself forms a document and sends it to the relevant manager. Put an order for the office equipment, request holiday, or send an employee on a business trip is now possible fast and hustle free.