Robots for business benefits

A new business processes automation system. A simple tool for automating processes in Oracle, SAP, and legacy systems. Data security and lower business expenses.

What is RPA?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a technology for business processes automation
using software robots.

RPA eliminates human errors and accelerates task execution by delegating data management, modification, and control tasks to robots.

Robots mimic the usual human actions used in creating reports, working with data, filling out forms, etc. In addition, they work quickly, error-free and non-stop. Thanks to the process modeling simplicity, any industry expert can configure the RPA.

ELMA products work seamlessly. This is our ELMA Intelligent Automation concept. The business process automation system ELMA BPM can orchestrate robots and other systems by including them in business processes along with people. As a result, humans and robots work side by side.

Aleksei Trefilov CEO of ELMA
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RPA & BPM Integration

By using ELMA365 and RPA together, you can get effective business processes, in which ELMA365 is responsible for the automation of process management, and RPA is engaged in automation of specific operations within them. Execution of process tasks is shared between employees
and robots.

ELMA365 recognizes robots as ordinary users that have their own logins, their actions are recorded, and their history is saved by the system. ELMA365 flexible business processes have the ability to both initially plan business processes for robots, and launch their work step by step.

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