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What is RPA

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a technology that automates business processes with the use of software robots.

Software robots are virtual employees who can cover mundane, iterative operations that people used to exercise on their own.

Robots imitate what people usually do but their work is fast, error-free, and uninterruptible.

More about RPA technology

What tasks robots can tackle

Robots are best at automating repetitive, simple, and standardizable tasks

  • Transferring data between systems
  • Document stream scanning and processing
  • Validating data
  • Filling out screen forms
  • Handling Excel sheets; copying and transforming data
  • Generating reports

Where to use ELMA RPA

  • HR

    Personnel management. Checking candidate application forms and transferring data; creating employee accounts; making entries to HR and payroll management systems; filing employee technical provision requests; creating sick slips; generating SAP reports on the web portal; inputting job change/retirement details.

  • Sales

    Robotic automation of the entire sales process. Working with the customer database, entering and updating data in CRM, copying data from request forms, creating customer profiles, calculating discounts, sending invoices, updating data in ERP, analyzing marketing campaigns, generating reports including those based on data from SAP tables.

  • Finance and Accounting

    Creating invoices, processing employee data, filling out and sending payment documents, processing of remittance advice, monthly accounting transactions, processing travel and hospitality expenses, reconciliation of credit debt documents, creating bank accounts for mortgage clients, reconciliation of accounts, fraud prevention.

  • Analytics

    Quickly collecting and processing large volumes of data, including data from legacy systems; generating and sending reports.

  • Logistics and Procurement

    Collecting and processing procurement requests; filling data in SAP sheets; verifying email confirmations; placing orders; planning and tracking shipments, etc


ELMA RPA has a low entry threshold, allowing you to automate processes without a specific technical background.

Yet it addresses routine tasks on a large, corporate scale by means of bot ochestration and seamless integration with BPMS. Business tasks can now be solved without much effort.

Computer vision

ELMA RPA robots employ computer vision. This technology allows training a robot in navigating practically any interface where a person could work.

The process of training a software robot is very easy. A user shows how they do simple things, step by step. The robot memorizes every step and then shows the user what it learned.

Uniform operating procedures in various environments

The ELMA RPA approach ensures that a robot can be equally effective in any environment.

No additional plugins or learning app-specific techniques. The system works the same way everywhere.

Simplicity of process modeling

It’s easy to create versatile programs while you train an ELMA RPA robot. While training a bot, you can interact with interface elements using the context menu.

The actions recorded during training form the model of an RPA process. Every action is one card in the visual model of the process. You can reorder the actions, set up parameters and patterns of behavior. This model is easy to read and maintain.

Document stream processing

Use activity templates to handle documentation: for instance, set the algorithm to analyze a scan and distribute data between a process's context variables.

The document scan template editor helps you (to) use, allows you to use computer vision in document processing.

For that, the user marks a sample document in the visual editor, specifying which variable corresponds to each document area.

Managing software robots in a corporate environment

ELMA RPA is a multifaceted, powerful enterprise-level product based on which users can build bot farms to handle all routine operations within the organization. Orchestrating a bot farm, handling scheduled tasks, seamless integration with a BPMS—all these features allow automating workflows and address routine tasks on a large, corporate scale.

ELMA RPA processes are adaptable solutions. Modify them whenever you need, and the updated version will be applied across the entire company; or roll back to the previous version using the process change log.

Простой и современный интерфейс

Robots in business processes

The RPA technology helps automate task flows; however, robots cannot automate all the business processes within a company. ELMA RPA robots can be seamlessly integrated with BPM systems, which enables them to solve larger tasks.

Advancing system capabilities

ELMA RPA is a product for subject specialists and analysts. To use a robot, one needs to train it, not program it. The system contains activities that allow a robot to execute an arbitrary code.

  • Execution of an arbitrary C# code
  • Easy access to the process context
  • Connection of third-party libraries

Simple and transparent licensing model

A simple and intuitive tool must have a transparent licensing model. In this regard, ELMA RPA does not require regular payments: all versions are subject to lifetime license. Moreover, there is a free edition of the product, ELMA RPA Community Edition, that can suit small and medium businesses, helping them automate the workflow with software robots.

ELMA RPA editions and pricing

All ELMA RPA editions are subject to lifetime license. You purchase the system only once and do not need
to schedule any more payments.
  • Lite


    Per bot without orchestration

    The edition includes

    • Orchestrator for robot management
    • Process designer for recording, streamlining, and setting up processes
    • 10 consulting hours
    • Access to the latest versions of ELMA RPA
    • One bot
  • Standard

    First bot


    Each next from $1400

    The edition includes

    • Orchestrator for robot management
    • Process designer for recording, streamlining, and setting up processes
    • Access to the latest versions of ELMA RPA
    • Up to 3 bots maximum
  • Enterprise

    On request

    Price depends on the company

    The edition includes

    • Orchestrator for robot management
    • Process designer for recording, streamlining, and setting up processes
    • Access to the latest versions of ELMA RPA
    • Unlimited number of bots

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