Success story

Processes automation of
3 legal entities under one Mriya Resort & SPA
management company

Mriya Resort & SPA

Business goals and objectives

Mriya Resort & & SPA  is the world's leading resort for family and wellness holidays according to the World Travel Awards.

Mriya Resort & SPA management company is in charge of:

  • Nash.Travel, a fast-growing online travel agency that allows you to quickly find and book the best accommodation;
  • Japanese Garden “Six Senses”, created by a well-known Japanese landscape designer Shiro Nakane;
  • Dreamworld, a family theme Park of wonder and adventure created in partnership with the world renowned amusement park;
  • Personalized medicine medical center, the main principle of which is a functional and integrative approach;
  • Black Sea, a local cuisine restaurant chain.

The main goals, that were planned to be achieved through the service processes automation were scaling up the management company and obtaining a tool for strategic company management.

  • 55

    business processes
    automated in 8 months

  • 40%

    decrease of the process cost

  • 852 000 ₽ per year saved

    on processing of 1200 payment requests

  • 15months

    predicted payback period
    for ELMA BPM implementation project

Change with Ease!

Remote work with ELMA BPM

Forced changes

During the pandemic, the management company was forced to urgently rebuild its internal processes. The task was to seamlessly transfer 500+ employees to remote work in one week.

Our successes:

  • continued the operating unit functioning;
  • maintained efficiency;
  • did not change the facility commissioning deadlines;
  • quickly reorganized processes for restaurants transitioning to delivery;
  • saved the jobs of all employees.

Project goals

Project goals
  • Unite processes in a unified IT space while maintaining the business processes uniqueness of all legal entities

  • Provide the business processes end-to-end monitoring from start to finish

  • Increase the company’s business processes operating speed and efficiency

  • Reduce process handling expenses.

What problems ELMA solves

  • Lack of processes

    All negotiations were carried out via e-mail; the departments used multiple unrelated systems; the company had high process handling expenses and spent significant amounts of money on justified risks; numerous legal entities worked using non-standardized documents.

    Single information space

    ELMA has joined all systems used in the company in a single space, from 1C: ERP to such specific ones as Fidelio. The digital footprint is now stored in one system, and the processes are linear.

  • Hours and days
    spent on approval

    Employees had to manually fill out documents and deliver them to the offices, which was a waste of time.

    HR processes automation

    It takes less than 1 minute for an HR employee to launch the “Start business trip process” business process. A vacation application can now be filled out in two clicks.

  • Process changes
    took too much time

    In most cases, no changes were made to the processes due to the complexity of modifying them. The actual work and the work on paper were different, which led to risks.

    Rapid changeability and scalability

    In ELMA, you can easily adjust processes, change approval paths, etc. in a handful of hours. This is a fast way to scale up a business.

Ibrahim Kuku

Ibrahim Kuku

The main implementation project limitation was the time: more than 50 processes had to be implemented in 9 months. Moreover, at the same time, we were working on standardizing processes to the highly efficient ISO 9001 standard. The new model had to be easily scalable and adaptable to the characteristics of new legal entities.

Ibrahim Kuku
Ibrahim Kuku

MRIYA RESORT & SPA Leading Business Analyst

How ELMA works at Mriya Resort & SPA

To automate and standardize processes, the Mriya Resort & SPA team analyzed more than 110 business processes. As a result of automation, the processes of different legal entities retained their uniqueness and regulations but moved into one system.

To automate the process of giving a discount, ELMA was integrated with Fidelio. Fidelio is a specific software for the hotel processes automation, such as booking requests, creating and sending invoices and certificates, etc. For example, the initiator enters the reservation number during the Fill out the form process. Then, ELMA loads all the information from Fidelio and displays it on the form of the first task.

The initiator only has to fill in the missing fields and specify information about the additional discount. In this case, the final discount and cost are dynamically calculated based on the entered data, rate, season, dates, etc.

Next, the application is sent for approval.

After completing the approval stage, ELMA stores the Discount Request document and also transmits the current information about the discount to Fidelio.

“Before using ELMA, the information about the provided discounts was not displayed anywhere, which caused financial inconsistencies at the end of a quarter. ELMA eliminates this risk”

Ibrahim Kuku
Ibrahim Kuku

MRIYA RESORT & SPA Leading Business Analyst

The security officer user interface consists of a widget with requests to the security service which can be found through a filter or by a barcode. When searching by a barcode, a request page opens depending on its status.

Another example of ELMA integration capabilities. For the implementation of Transfer request business process ELMA was integrated with 1C: Motor Vehicle Management.

The hotel provides a transfer service. It can be used by both guests and the hotel staff. Information about the transfer is stored in the 1C Motor Vehicle Management system.

In order to fill out a request for a transfer, the initiator has to start a special process and indicate the time and date of the arrival and a car type, as well as customer data. Then, the application is sent along the path of approval, and the information is transmitted to 1C Motor Vehicle Management.

Requests with the same data can be combined. For example, the ones with the same flight number and the “Airport” place of arrival.

This significantly speeds up the process of interaction with the transport service and makes it more understandable and accessible.

The forecast period of the project payback is 15 months (starting from the 6th month of the ELMA BPM system productive operation). Gradually, Mriya Resort will gain full control over the processes thanks to the automation and a project for transparent indicators analytics. The key to success for organizations that are just planning to implement BPMS is to assemble the right team, choose the right system, and have a desire to change.

Ibrahim Kuku
Ibrahim Kuku

MRIYA RESORT & SPA Leading Business Analyst