System requirements for ELMA365 Standard edition

This page summarizes the requirements for installing the ELMA365 Standard Server in your data center. The following information does not provide instructions for configuring your company’s server, but helps you estimate compatibility with ELMA365.

Actual requirements depend on a real-life use of the system and vary significantly across different companies.

ELMA365 Server

The table below lists software and hardware requirements for installing ELMA365 server.

Operating System Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS or use supported distributions with snap pre-installed
Additional Software snapd, bash, curl
An Internet connection is required to install ELMA365
Minimum hardware requirements (200+ licenses)* CPU: 2.2 GHz and above, 4 core (Intel Xeon recommended)
Hard drive:
  • 50 Gb (application + OS, RAID 5),
  • 100 Gb (files, DB, RAID 5 SATA)
RAM: 8 Gb Network connection: LAN 100 Mbit/sec or above.
Recommended hardware requirements (200+ licenses) * CPU: 2.2 GHz and above, 8 core (Intel Xeon recommended)
Hard drive:
  • 100 Gb (application + OS, RAID 5),
  • 300 Gb (files, DB, RAID 5 SATA)
RAM: 16 Gb Network connection: LAN 1 Gbit/sec or above.

* A backup system must be located on a separate server; RAM capacity must match the backup frequency

Note: If you purchase more than 200 licenses, we recommend that you use ELMA365 Enterprise