ELMA365 Partnership Programs

We welcome new partners; we think that the following forms of collaboration
might be interesting and mutually beneficial.

  • Sales and implementation of ELMA365 in a Customer company

    Such form of partnership might be interesting to IT companies and agencies.

    Custom apps and business processes, integration with other SaaS solutions, consultations on the use of ELMA365, solution support and development.

    This is a standard form of partnership between a vendor and a technology consulting company.

  • Custom solution based on the ELMA365

    This form of partnership might be interesting both for IT companies and consultants with strong expertise in different industries.

    Developing and supporting a cloud solution from scratch is quite expensive. What we offer is collaboration - we provide a platform, you share your niche expertise. Together we can create a unique cloud service with commercial potential.

    First half of
  • Integration

    We are happy to integrate with other popular SaaS-systems.

    Smart integration will provide additional benefits to potential buyers of services.

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