Alex Trefilov, an expert of the independent international low-code community

Alex Trefilov, an expert of the independent international low-code community

LowCode Experts is a platform that aims to deliver relevant information on low-code platforms. Here, independent professionals can discuss and research LowCode offerings and businesses in order to find experts in their area of interest around the world. LowCode Experts is open to all low-code vendors who can prove to the strict standards that their platform is a low-code or multi-experience platform.

Alex Trefilov, with more than 12 years of experience in LowCode tools, has a unique combination of technical skills and a deep understanding of business needs. He has already helped more than 2000 customers from 30 countries achieve their automation goals. With the best practices at hand, he knows all the ins and outs of business automation.

According to Alex, tools like low-code and no-code help fix the shortage of programmers and satisfy the demand for software that the businesses have today: 

“These solutions are revolutionizing the industry. The no-code approach is, of course, slightly limited. It is rather a means for creating prototypes than software for replacing programmers with citizen developers. Enterprise solutions created with no code always lack something, yet cannot be extended easily. Moreover, today such software does not have a built-in context so it implies creating solutions completely from scratch. This is neither bad nor good. Still, no-code software provides vast opportunities for creating prototypes and simple solutions.

As for low-code, I am sure that it is the future standard for enterprise app development and internal automation. If there is a way to do things fast, achieve good results, and let people implement their ideas without reaching out to programmes, why say no to that?”

Alex Trefilov is happy to provide a consultation on the LowCode Experts platform or on Linkedin and Xing. Do not hesitate to contact him if you have any questions regarding the low-code approach and automation.