ELMA365 update: new CRM elements, improved communications and 30 more new opportunities.

ELMA365 update: new CRM elements, improved communications and 30 more new opportunities.

A new 2021.2.1. version of ELMA365 has been released. Improved low code tools and several other important updates certainly will make our user happy.

The new important updates will positively surprise you. We realize how important it is to sell products using well-coordinated sales processes and a reliable system that can set tasks automatically and suggest further steps. In this release, we have improved the settings of the sales process by adding new CRM activities.

Read on to find out more features that will improve your user experience.

New CRM activities for process modeling

Creating a sales process has become much easier: now you can not only appoint meetings and set tasks in the calendar but use full-fledged CRM activities.

Such activities as Call, Meeting, Webinar, and Mail will help you create end-to-end sales processes and adapt a systematic approach to selling.

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You need to schedule an email to send? Now it can be easily done. We featured a new type of task – Mail. You can select this activity along with a standard task, phone call, meeting, or webinar. With this functionality, you’ll be able to see the history of interactions with clients in both verbal (phone calls and meetings) and written forms.

Lead scoring

With a large number of leads, it becomes crucial not to lose potential clients. That’s why filtering is relevant as ever.

We made it possible to organize pipelines for qualified and unqualified leads. This feature allows you to create several pipelines: the first one is short and is only used for lead capture. If the lead is qualified, it goes to the second sales pipeline.

Suppose you host an online seminar with a large audience. Obviously, along with good leads you will have many low-quality leads. Before forwarding leads to the sales pipeline, you need to qualify them. For that you can use the first short pipeline. After that only qualified leads will be added to the sales pipeline.


The sales department head should have access to all the deals to manage them effectively. The new “All” pipeline shows all selected leads no matter which pipeline they’re originally from. Moreover, the manager can perform bulk actions with the leads.


Suppose, a sales rep was dismissed. The department head can select “All” deals of the ex-employee and reassign them to another employee. The said deals can be found using filters, for example, use the employee last name as a filter parameter.

Moreover, you can apply bulk actions after you select the “change status” option: you can move deals from one pipeline to another. For instance, after the webinar, you can move large business customers from the "New" pipeline to the "Large Business" pipeline.

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Communicate with customers in ELMA365

ELMA365 automates communications with customers through the ChatDesk functionality.

Clients can use any messenger they like (WhatsApp, Telegram), and you will get all the messages in ELMA365.

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ChatDesk provides a corporate support service and improves communication with customers. Now you don’t need to check each messenger, all the new messages are kept in a single space.

Besides, the client’s profile now has all the contact information. You can check the whole chat history or the history of a session. The profile displays all messages even if the client used different messengers. They are kept in a single space so that you can provide help even easier.

We want to help you have high-quality communication with clients and provide services quickly. That’s why we have improved the ChatDesk settings.

Before, the clients’ requests were taken by the first assistant who saw the message. Now you can assign people in charge of particular deals and contacts. This way, you can offer your clients more targeted help and better communication quality, which helps them save time on dealing with questions.

The new “Live Chats Notifications” activity in the business process designer allows you to send notifications to your clients automatically from ELMA365 to any messenger.

For example, a client sends you a message in Telegram, saying they want to buy windows. An operator can create a new order request or a complaint report right in a chat. After that, the operator creates a measurement request and coordinates the timings with the client. Next, the process is started, and the clients gets an automatic message: “Hello, the specialist Oliver Conner will come today at 18 p.m. for measuring the windows. Please, be at home.” Thus, you can save time for important tasks and leave routine to ELMA365.

ECM – a business processes improvement: morpher, barcode, filter folders.

When working with documents, there is often a need for names declension using a template. You no longer have to waste time on repetitive tasks. In the current version, we have added the automatic declension of names, text lines, numbers, cases and other arbitrary data when generating the documents in the .docx format from template.


Improved document search

In the current version we have improved document search that makes document processing easier and allows you to search any registered document by number, name, and registration date.

For example, you need to find a sales contract for a certain year. With its assigned registration number, it won’t take more than 1 second.


Barcodes for seamless document flows

In many companies, there is still a large amount of paperwork. For example, reports and invoices circulate across the office and the accounting department and come back after signing. With a large document flow, it is quite difficult to track paper copies, make sure they match digital documents and that all the information is logged into the ECM system.

In the current version, you can add the barcode with the registration number or other identifying data when generating documents. After receiving the signed document, you can simply scan its barcode to check its compliance with the system and register it. Your document will be uploaded to the system with a couple of clicks.

Filter folders

To organize personal documents, try another useful update, it is a filter of the folder tree.

Let’s say you have contracts with clients from the different regions. You might want to categorize them by the city names for easy storage. You don’t have to do it manually. Rely on the filter folders! You can simply create a folder with a specific city name, and all contracts with the clients from this city will be stored 2there automatically.

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Personal filters

Find the information you need with the personal filters. Now users can create their own filters in the search fields to reduce time for finding information stored in apps.

This way you can create your personal filters in addition to already existing ones. For instance, in the Deals workspace you can add filters that will show your deals with active tasks.

Personal filters are displayed separately from the common ones. You can also apply a filter and use full-text search functionality simultaneously.

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Low-code for auto-update for an app item card

We continue developing the capabilities of our Low-code designer.

Previously, app item cards had to be updated manually to show recent changes. Now the information is updated automatically when any changes occur.

For example, you have entered information about a certain deal, but later its amount has changed and you have corrected it. Other users won’t need to refresh the page to see the updates.

Another Low-code solution update in ELMA365

With ELMA365, you can create solutions and continuously evolve them without difficulties. Export them from the dev environment to the production and update the existing solutions seamlessly.

For instance, you can create a contract management solution and then install it to the customer server. After some time, the customer asks to modify and improve the solution. Changes are easily added to the production environment by updating the existing contract management solution. To do this, you just need to import the file with the updated solution.

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Widgets improved

In the current version, the widget “Button” has become easier to configure. You can also assign new functions to the button.

Actions added: Start a process and pass information from the associated fields and Create an app item and associate selected fields.

Moreover, using the Low-code platform, you can add full-featured widgets to forms in processes. Previously, you needed to use the code widget for that.

We have made a user-friendly interface of the “Button” widget. Clear the side panel and make the platform convenient and useful for you. You can choose the size, name, icon and actions you need for each button.

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