ELMA365 mobile application

ELMA365 is easy to work with at the office and remotely. You will have all the necessary
data always at hand. Thanks to low-code tools, all business logic and interfaces can
always be optimised for working from your mobile or tablet.


iOS and Android applications

Mobile application ELMA365 is your all and any time access to the messenger, files,
tasks sheets, and business processes. Right in your phone or tablet you can schedule
a meeting, approve a request, start a business process, or connect with your team.


Connect with your office

Well-thought-out communication allows to resolve business tasks faster. With mobile application you can communicate with your team remotely as if you are in the same office. Effortlessly reply to messages, receive performance feedback, view timeline and set up meetings in your calendar. No matter where you are, at home, on a business trip or in your client’s office.


Remote document approval

Review and approve contracts, invoices and reports remotely so that your team can work without any delays. Instant push notifications will help you be on top of all urgent payout requests. A user-friendly interface will save time as you can communicate your decision to your team right from your mobile.

Initiate business processes

Business processes can be initiated remotely on any device. Working outside your office becomes easy and convenient. Employees can start on a new contract, confirm time-off, request travel expenses at any time and from anywhere.

All necessary requirements can be filled-in right from your mobile. This way, if an employee needs time-off, they only have to specify the reason for the time-off. The application will automatically add the correct request into the system and send it to the manager for their approval. An employee will only need to check the outcome later also in their mobile.


Applications immediately available
on mobile devices

Low-code approach allows all forms, buttons and processes to work on your mobile just the same as they would on your desktop. You can create any applications for your company without being worried if they would look different on your mobile device. Employees used to working in browsers will be able to switch to working on their phone easily thanks to familiar design.


Employees working remotely

If there are many employees working away from the office, it is important to ensure a flawless work process for them. Distributing tasks according to schedule, appointing the executors and monitoring the deadlines becomes easy if employees are using the mobile application.

Besides all, it’s simply easier for employees to do their job. For example, a sales representative can remotely make a request and send a contract for approval, and a fitter can immediately register all finished tasks and upload the act of work accepted signed by the client into the system. There is no need to commute to the office just to fill in the forms on the desktop.


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