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Deliver corporate applications faster and with less programming.



ELMA365 is based on low-code technology which allows the development of business apps and overall automation of all the organization’s business processes with just a click. This significantly lowers the cost of implementation and system maintenance. A simple approach for the fast digitalization for most of the company's processes.

LOW Code

Managing business processes

ELMA365 provides simplicity for modelling, accelerates the implementation of changes in the processes
and helps tracing the impact of these changes on business. The system helps find bottlenecks,
which allows to optimize the business processes significantly. Processes are modelled in a visual editor by the analysts on the basis of the business requirements. It’s fast and clear, and any update, if needed, can be done with minimal involvement of programmers.


Digital document flow

More than 2000 companies in the last 10 years chose ELMA for organizing the internal processes as well as electronic document flow.

ELMA365 offers classical for the BPM system set of tools:

  • Modelling of processes in BPMN
  • Execution of processes
  • Managing projects and tasks execution with the performance metrics and monitor processes
  • Explore options for continuous process improvement


Sales processes

Synergy of the BPM & CRM systems creates the opportunity to shift from client accounts and transactions to proven sales processes, which leads to increase in conversion and decreases the average sale time.

First sale may be only the beginning of a very long relationship. Business processes provide continuously stable and high quality service through the entire cycle of interaction with the client.

Large amounts of collected and stored information gives maximum understanding of the clients’ needs. Low-code platform allows broadening the portfolio of the client fast and, more importantly, with information relevant specifically for your business.


Robotic process automation

Processes digitalization will make it possible to delegate certain steps in the process to the robots. ELMA RPA is a separate solution for process automation but is closely integrated into ELMA365.


ELMA RPA solves the following tasks

  • System integration

    Fast data transfer from one system to another

  • Data verification

    Document storage and validations, search for the errors

  • Stream processing of files

    Processing scanned copies of documents, checking and transferring data

  • Report maker

    Data processing and aggregation. Automated reporting

  • Email administration

    Handling of all inbox emails, email generation

  • Automation of all external systems

    Transactions in ERP, automation of CRM and EDMS

ELMA365 Private Cloud

ELMA365 Private Cloud was created specifically for large companies and governmental organizations and allows deployment of feature rich systems in a private cloud.

You get all the advantages of the microservice architecture (scaling, DevOps, updates without service outage) having all your data in your Cloud and under control at the same time.

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