Low-Code and No-Code Development

Low-code app

Create enterprise-grade apps with the simplicity and speed of no-code and unlimited flexibility of low-code

Trusted by 3000+ enterprise customers

Highly rated by both critics and users

Save the precious time of your IT 
resources for what matters most

ELMA365 is a business process based low-code platform. It enables both IT department
and business experts to create powerful enterprise solutions in a short time.

  • No-code tools for a quick

    Create business applications without a single line of code. Use drag-and-drop tools to create custom interfaces, flexible forms, workflows, and more.

  • Workflow creator

    Let your business experts create the process they are involved in. Workflow designer provides your employees with the opportunity to create and automate business processes.

    Stay agile and easily make changes without the help of IT.

  • Low-code app creator

    Use Typescript to expand the pre-built features and deliver unlimited functionality to your business teams.

Six crucial features to speed up your business
app development

  • Pre-set apps for a quick start

    Start using the platform with pre-set workspaces and modules. Save your time using pre-built libraries and applications connected to Tasks, CRM, Document, or Project management

  • Integrations

    Get all information in a single interface. Create an effective workflow that gets data from all your systems. Use an open API to integrate ELMA365 with your IT environment. Make your digital transformation run smoothly

  • Training. Become a low-code developer in one month

    Save the project onboarding time. Get free online training and start creating your own business apps with low-code in one month

  • In-built collaboration tools to power
    your app

    Enhance the features of your business apps with chats and activity streams. Let your employees collaborate in a single workspace

  • Reusable tools for business users

    Develop new widgets and let business users apply them to forms and workflows as no-code tools.

  • One-month implementation

    Get benefits from a working solution in one month. With a set of No-code and Low-code tools you can develop and publish it in one click.

Constant support at any stage of the project

  • Implementation services by Senior Low-code experts
  • Training and support for your Regular and Super Users
  • Devoted Project Manager
  • Service Level Agreement

Try ELMA365 for your team

A work management platform that empowers your employees to build a great team

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