ELMA365 Named High Performer in G2 Winter Report (Categories: BPM, No-code, RAD Software)

ELMA365 Named High Performer in G2 Winter Report (Categories: BPM, No-code, RAD Software)

ELMA365 and its products have again been recognized by the world community. The ELMA365 Low-code platform has again been named High Performer (leader in user satisfaction) in the BPM software category in the G2 Winter report. It is also among the top five BPM software companies with the highest implementation index. Moreover, ELMA365 has been ranked as Niche in the No-code and RAD (Rapid Application Development) categories.

The winter report noted that ELMA365’s performance in certain areas was especially strong: it got the Usability index of 8.24 (this index evaluates the ease of use) and the Relationship index of 8.26 (this includes the ease of doing business with the product, the quality of support, and how likely users are to recommend the product).

“It feels great to see how more and more companies start using Low-code tools. Not long ago, automation could only be achieved by involving programmers and tech experts. But the paradigm has changed: the ways a company automates its processes now have to be agile and progressive. Companies need to create high-quality solutions quickly to be in line with market expectations today and ready to adapt to new conditions tomorrow. Automation market is undergoing a quiet revolution that leads to analysts and business users replacing IT experts and digitalizing companies on their own. We thank all our customers and partners who help us carry out this long-scale transformation project. And thank you very much for all the kind words in your reviews,” says Aleksei Trefilov, ELMA365 CEO.

G2  is a globally known online platform that contains over 1.2 million independent product reviews form authenticated users viewed by more than 5 million users every month. G2 rates products analyzing customer reviews and information on the Internet. Based on this data, the unique algorithm evaluates products using two main criteria: customer satisfaction and market presence.

You can try out the ELMA365 Low-code platform that offers a remarkable combination of BPM, CRM, ECM, and RPA right now. Let ELMA365 help you develop your unique business ideas, optimize your company’s processes and make them run faster.

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